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The Program

The profession of a makeup artist finds application mainly  in the media industry. The basic outcome is to provide an excellent result, both technically and creatively, whilst meeting the needs of each customer.

This program can simultaneously run with the styling program. Depending on the nature of the job, a makeup artist can work either as freelancer,  a makeup assistant or as member of a makeup team.

The nature of each project can vary  from a basic makeup to special effects for an advertise campaign. Students can participate i a This program gives all the necessary knowledge and skills to a professional to work in industries like theatre, fashion, advertisement, TV, magazines, beauty salons, hair salons, cosmetics stores etc. The aim of this program is to help the students constantly search for new ideas and inspiration. It is very important to always keep up with the new techniques and products and the participation in great fashion events and stay updated.

The student throughout the year creates a professional portfolio, participates in great fashion events, enriches his resume through practice and develops professional confidence.

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This program aims at the acquisition of technical and theoretical knowledge, experiences, the development of social skills and professional behavior in order for the students to enter the fashion industry or get engaged in a further academic career.

The basic pillars of our educational system are the development of creativity and aesthetics  of our students and the research and development of ideas,  stimulations and influences.


This program aims at:

  • Providing the necessary confidence to collaborate with professionals
  • Developing work ethics
  • Curating fashion meetings and creative discussions from well established professionals from the Greek and international market of fashion, arts and media.
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History of make up

Skin types/morphology/skin preparations

Color theory

Foundation application

Applying techniques

Makeup trends

Beauty makeup

Morning/evening/bridal makeup

Face eyelash application

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