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The Program

Styling can take place through art direction, personal styling, television styling, visual merchandising, photography direction and fashion filming.

A stylist throughout his artistic expression differentiates information from inspiration, in order to highlight the product as artistically yet commercially as possible.  His/hers creative work necessitates a great knowledge of all the fashion trends, history of fashion, terminology as well as additional knowledge on photography, makeup and hairstyling.

In this course, all the necessary professional skills are taught; in order for the student to develop aesthetics and become a well know Fashion Stylist, knowing all the market, customers and trend demands.

Throughout the year, the student create a  professional portfolio, participate in major fashion events and shows and obtain professional experience through internships next to the most distinguished stylists. Students are also taught how to properly and creatively present their projects and develop professional confidence.

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This program aims at  the acquisition of technical and theoretical knowledge, experiences, the development of social skills and professional behavior in order for the students to enter in the fashion industry or get engaged in another academic career.

Some of the basic pillars of our educational system are firstly the development of creativity and aesthetics of our students and secondly the research and development of ideas, stimulations and influences.

This program focuses on:

the promotion of the students individuality and fantasy

the necessary confidence to collaborate with professionals

the development of work ethics

In addition, the program exclusively offers the students:

Additional seminars that are offered either free of charge or with a special price (ex 3d printing, origami techniques, Japanese costume)

Visits in cultural spaces , shows, museums and showrooms

Fashion meetings and creative discussions with well established and well known professionals from the Greek and global fashion, art and media market .

Participation in fashion events during their studies

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Fashion history: influences, design, lifestyle, inspiration

Fashion styles

Printed @ web magazine

Magazine art direction

Personal styling

Image making

TV styling

Fashion terminology

Principles of Fashion photography

Still life

Ethics: professional behavior

Visual merchandising


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