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The Program

The Modelist program is aimed at those who want to work in clothing production. Participants in the specific program can produce any garment, whether in large quantities or made to order (prêt-à-porter and haute couture).

The courses cover the entire garment-making process, from pattern making to cutting and sewing, emphasising details and correct measurements as well as high-quality tailoring. The various sketching methods are also taught, from the initial conception of a garment to its three-dimensional realization. At the same time, personal style is developed through various methods of construction, cutting and sewing.

The teaching method is based on the worldwide exclusive Italian system of PANSiK without geometry. This system is an evolution of the geometry system and is based on somatometry (body sizes). It includes special guides and tools, in which all the rules of geometry have been standardized. The result of the pattern with the PANSiK system is more accurate, faster, and easier, and above all, its application is more accurate.

     * There is no age limit or prerequisite knowledge to attend the program.

     * The students may choose to attend the full Modelist program from the outset. Alternatively, depending on the syllabus they wish to cover, they can attend only the Pattern Making or the Tailoring section.


We are very happy to announce that PANSiK Fashion School partners with the Zeus+Δione fashion brand to support young talents in the Greek fashion market!

As part of this collaboration, Zeus+Δione has been offering a unique employment opportunity in their atelier for two months to students of the "Modelist – Pattern Designer" department of PANSIK Fashion School. Through this internship, Zeus+Δione enables young creators to apply their knowledge and acquire practical skills.

This partnership is a significant step towards establishing a synergy for the connection of high-level fashion studies and direct access to the fashion market in our country. In an era where new ideas and innovative approaches are the basis for success, Zeus+Δione and PANSIK Fashion School recognize the importance of supporting young emerging talents by creating opportunities for them to start their professional paths.


Vocational Rehabilitation

In the fashion market, the profession of Modelist is one of the most well-known and one that offers immediate professional rehabilitation. The positions in which students can find employment include: 1) Collaborating with crafts or fashion industries to create prototypes and samples. 2) To establish their atelier or pursue their craft. 3) Collaboration with a fashion atelier to either manufacture the patterns or sew them.

The professional rehabilitation of our graduates comes through systematic and substantial cooperation with PANSiK fashion school.


The academic study advisor is always by the students' side, providing professional and psychological counseling. He is responsible for guiding students in writing their resumes, preparing for interviews, and applying to universities abroad.


The career office puts graduates in direct contact with the market, either for internships or paid work. PANSiK Fashion School maintains a large network of partner companies that annually hire graduates from our institution.


Every year PANSiK carries out a series of synergies with large companies active in Greece and abroad. The purpose of these synergies is the co-organization of fashion & art events, exhibitions and competitions, ensuring a rich and wide resume for the students who participate in them, even before the end of their studies.


PANSiK organizes educational trips to fashion capitals for special events, such as Premiere Vision in Paris, the Vogue Festival in London, Milan and Rome.

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The Coptic-Pattern Design System

PANSiK Fashion School exclusively teaches and applies an Italian geometry-free pattern learning system, which is easy, fast, and accurate. The system consists of two triangles and one curved line. Body measurements and geometry are represented by formulas that are applied to specially shaped triangles. Thus, deviations in size are avoided, resulting in a more accurate outcome.

With PANSiK's system, we can produce industrial patterns ranging from size 28 to size 66, as well as patterns in custom dimensions.


The program exclusively provides students with the following:

Greek bibliography of PANSiK Fashion School includes a design book, a pattern book and a textile science book.

Exclusive Italian pattern system without geometry.

Additional specialized seminars are offered either free of charge or at a discounted price, such as workshops on 3D printing and electronic pattern design.

Fashion meetings and creative discussions are led by established and renowned professionals in the Greek and global fashion, arts, and media industries.


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How to take measurements from a body

Slim skirt base

Development of different types of bases includes pleats, hollow pleats, umbrella, cloth, gotte, amform belt, envelope, basque, high waist, etc.

Narrow bodice base

Wide bodice base

Development of jacket bases (collar, hood, bat, raglan, cape, etc.)

Dress (wedding dress, with leaves, strap, sleeve, nightgown, etc.)


Shirt narrow, wide, cuff, collar, etc

Pants with a narrow and wide base

Elastic fabric, t-shirt

Industrial pattern in sizes




Instructions for Using Machines (Threading, Adjustment, Feet, etc.)

Types of Seams

Layering Patterns on Fabric

Sewing the pattern material

Invisible zipper, regular zipper, belt, collars, sleeves, French seam, pockets

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