PANSiK at the Athens Fashion Trade Show
PANSiK at the Athens Fashion Trade Show
January 2024

We are especially pleased to have participated in the Athens Fashion Trade Show from January 25 to 28. This event provided us with the opportunity to showcase two of our outstanding graduates' collections in our booth.

- Maria Zepou with the brand Ze_Marze

- Marina Papadopoulou with the Summarine brand.


Additionally, the 2022-23 graduates from Athens and Thessaloniki participated in the exhibition with their creations, gaining a unique first experience related to the commercial aspect of a fashion designer's work.

- Alexandra Vlasopoulou

- Demosthenous Elpinikis

- Dilvoi Raphaela

- Patsou Nicoleta

- Radisi Despina

- Rapti Katerina

- Siakolas Anastasis

- Spartali Demetra

- Logotheti Theodora & Chrysochoou Elena

- Maria Theodoropoulou


We wish them all the best in their future professional endeavours and are dedicated to supporting them every step of the way towards success.

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