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The Program

Shoe design is part of our everyday clothing and requires creativity, technical skills and paying attention to the details. In Greece, this field shows continuous growth, providing new job offers and an increase interest for handmade shoes.

The program is exclusively provided in Greece by PANSiK and includes all the necessary fields from the design and the research until the final creation; from the initial idea of a design until its final implementation in a 3D form, from research to construction. It also includes market analysis and promotion in the fashion industry.

It is focused on the design and development of creative design and encourages experimentation with various techniques.

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Combining theory with practice, our students have the opportunity to participate during their studies in international competitions, fashion shows and cultural events.

The academic tutors are well established professional s with a multiyear professional and educational experience on the field, who are constantly informed for all new developments and techniques in the fashion industry and applied arts.

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Ενότητες Modules


Fashion history

Shoe history

Foot anatomy

Design, analogies, shadows and light


Last design and pattern making

Construction techniques

Cutting and sewing workshops




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