PANSiK Graduates at the Athens Fashion Trade Show
PANSiK Graduates at the Athens Fashion Trade Show
January 2022

Priority for us is the support of our graduates and their professional consolidation after completing their studies. All our graduates remain an active part of our organization. We are always companions in their journey to success!

Last week, from Friday the 28th to Monday the 21st of January 2022, we had the pleasure to host at the PANSiK Fashion Group at the Athens Fashion Trade Show our graduates who have started their professional activity, to give them a significant boost in their careers.

Young designers and entrepreneurs with new fashion brands were introduced to the professionals of the domestic market and the results were excellent. Our graduates received orders for their collections, contacted clothing professionals and - most importantly - received the baptism of fire for their participation in future trade fairs.

It was four days full of optimism, positive energy and creative communication, which we promise to be repeated soon for other members of the family of PANSiK graduates.

Congratulations to our graduates for their professionalism and the excellent collections they presented!

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